In addition to professional commercial management, maintaining and increasing the value of your property plays a central role. That is why we do not regard technical services as external services. Whether structural assessments, maintenance work, repairs, housekeeping or cleaning services - you receive everything coordinated from a single source. This is part of our understanding of comprehensive and customer-orientated property management and is essential for optimal property management.


Then contact us - we will be happy to provide you with a quote for technical support.


Whether with our own technical building service staff or in close and long-standing cooperation with other professional companies - we realise the management of your residential or commercial property for you. In accordance with your specifications, we develop management concepts, plan necessary long-term maintenance and coordinate caretaker services and maintenance companies. Tenders and constant controlling of service providers ensure professional and sustainable service in addition to value-based prices.


House service is more than just lawn care. We detect any maintenance requirements at an early stage and can thus avoid potentially cost-intensive consequential damage. Regular technical inspections and their documentation ensure long-term and reliable statements, which are directly incorporated into medium and long-term maintenance planning. Tenders and constant controlling of service providers ensure professional and sustainable service in addition to value-based prices.


With our cleaning service, we not only contribute to the visual appearance of your property, but also help to maintain its value in the long term. We use environmentally friendly and modern technology to clean and maintain properties of all sizes and uses. Both demand-orientated and order-related services are carried out in a wide variety of ways. Cleaning in the commercial sector can be coordinated in such a way that downtimes are largely avoided.


Building technology today can be as cost-intensive as it is versatile. In order to ensure the longevity and optimum functioning of heating and air conditioning technology, fire alarm and control centres, conveyor and monitoring systems for you as the operator of a property, we employ qualified and dedicated technicians. Monitoring and control alone is not enough to minimise the costs of operating and investing in new building technology. We constantly evaluate ongoing processes, optimise them and professionally coordinate all systems.


With our technical staff, we can realise renovation, repair and maintenance measures quickly, easily and without long coordination channels, but also supervise specialist companies. We analyse your project and provide you with detailed cost plans for different options to help you make decisions. In this way, you can utilise the potential of your property perfectly, constantly safeguard its value and adapt the substance to the current usage requirements.


Are you interested in our house service? Would you like to be informed about our range of services or arrange an on-site appointment for a quotation? Then contact us on (0365) 82318-0 or use the following contact form.

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