Over 25 years of experience in condominium and property management and a dedicated team form the basis of our service. We attach great importance to short coordination channels and close dialogue with owners, advisory boards and condominiums. Your permanent contacts are trained in commercial, technical and legal matters and are able to assess and resolve complex situations appropriately. Internal and external training contributes greatly to meeting the ever more complex requirements of property management and ensuring that your property is managed in a way that is perfectly tailored to your needs.


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Your property is managed by a reliable and competent team. Our commercial and technical support covers all aspects of professional management and takes the burden off you as the owner. Our daily work ensures that you achieve a secure return on your property - today and in the future. We react to changes in the market at an early stage and thus continuously develop your property. Naturally, we work closely with other service providers, such as your tax advisor, and provide them with the relevant information directly.


Legally compliant resolutions, their consistent implementation and transparent accounting: these are the main requirements of a professional condominium administrator today. And that is exactly what we offer you. This is where not only our experience, but also the further training and education of our employees comes into play. As part of our commercial management services, we support you with larger investments, e.g. also with applications for subsidy programmes, in order to ease the financial burden on you as the owner. We are at your side as a reliable partner and protect the interests of all owners.


The management of your condominium is nothing less than the assumption of all your tasks and obligations towards your tenant and the WEG. Here, too, we are at your side as a reliable partner. Rent collection, preparation of annual accounts, rectification of defects, tenant correspondence and the processing of tenant changes are all handled by our trained staff. This means that you no longer have to worry about constantly changing legislation, complex billing regulations and the required level of presence for your tenant.


We not only manage office and administration buildings for our customers, but also shopping arcades, commercial centres and medical centres to varying degrees. Here we offer you individualised solutions, both technically and commercially, tailored to your needs. In addition to accounting, rent collection, advance VAT returns and liquidity planning, we also take care of new lettings, technical monitoring, maintenance and development of the property. Here, too, we offer you comprehensive, professionally implemented property management.

Property management is a matter of trust. We earn the trust of our customers anew every day. Our strong customer loyalty shows that we succeed in this.
we have been working with
for more than 20 years.
we have been working with
for more than 10 years.
we have been working with
for more than 5 years.
BTG has been managing my entire property portfolio nationwide for over 10 years. The professional handling of my property, the always committed employees and the "silent" cooperation with my tax office still convince me today.
Six years ago, I decided to have my property managed by BTG. Since then, it has always stood out positively and offers me real added value with innovative ideas and support and assistance that leaves nothing to be desired.
I have been working with BTG for 20 years. I can only say "competent and reliable". Especially in times of crisis, BTG is always a reliable and helpful partner. This also applies to properties outside the state of Thuringia.
So far, many property management companies have promised me commitment, reliability and professionalism. With BTG, I have now been experiencing for 3 years that these promises are not just empty words. Many thanks for that.
I find BTG Immobilienservice GmbH and its employees to be a competent and reliable partner that I am happy to recommend.

By bundling a large property portfolio, we can achieve significantly better prices for you and your property, e.g. for utilities and insurance. It is not enough for us to achieve the usual price advantages through framework agreements. We put the total supply volume of the properties managed by us out to tender and can thus negotiate attractive and stable fixed prices with suppliers for the future. This also enables us to pass on more favourable prices to you for external services, such as heat billing, and to keep management costs stable or even reduce them in most cases.

We pay particular attention to efficient controlling and dunning, informative business reporting and up-to-date accounting. Precise planning and accounting of income and expenditure also creates transparency for you as the owner. The commissioning and management of service providers, complete letting and refurbishment management, property and operating cost accounting, deposit management, contracts in line with legal requirements and constant contact with users are essential components of our scope of services. From condominiums to large residential complexes and shopping centres.


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